Ancient Ruins Unscape Room and Theme Park

On Adams Street, off US 12 in the Wisconsin Dells!

You are Kristie, an employee at Ancient Ruins Unscape Room and Theme Park.

Help Lara and her many identical relatives enjoy their vacation by reloading props, resetting traps, and placing animatronic critters throughout the Unscape Room.

Lara must reach the Fairly Valuable Cup at the end of the Unscape Room. You will lose points if she fails to reach the cup, gets too bored, or loses her suspension of disbelief.

You can press Buttons to open Doors for Lara. If Lara is blocked by a closed door for too long, she will get bored, and you will lose points. But if she walks into a room that isn't properly reset and gets confused, you will lose even more points.

Staff Doors are cleverly disguised as coffins. You'll lose points if Lara sees you use a Staff Door, but otherwise she won't notice them.

You must remove any Garbage Anachronisms left by previous guests before Lara enters the ruins. If Lara sees a vegan cheeseburger, newspaper dated from 2019, or Torii gate, her suspension of disbelief will be ruined and you will be fired from your job and lose your health insurance.

You can pick up Snakes from the supply closets and drop them in rooms. If Lara has a gun, she will shoot the snake. If she is unarmed, she will flee. You will lose points if Lara thinks the snake was too easy or too hard to defeat.

Any inconsistencies between gameplay and instructions are part of the storytelling aspect of Ancient Ruins Unscape Room and Theme Park, and are meant to enhance Lara's experience.