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# Metrics + instance data + log
## ptth_server metrics
These are just like Prometheus. Either counters, or gauges, scalar or histograms.
- CPU usage counter
- RAM usage gauge
- Requests received counter
- Responses sent counter
- Tokio gauges?
- Outbound byte counter
- Uptime gauge
- Last seen UTC time
- Free disk space gauge
## ptth_server instance data
These are captured during process start and then don't change. They're kinda
like metrics, but static.
- Machine ID
- Git version (if possible)
- Server ID
- Random instance ID
- UTC time at startup
## ptth_server logs
Basically what the tracing crate puts out. See if we can route that over the
- Metrics, captured every 5 minutes or whatever
- Probably "warn" level logs from `tracing`

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Interesting issues will get a unique ID with
`dd if=/dev/urandom bs=5 count=1 | base32`
- [YNQAQKJS](issues/2020-12Dec/auth-route-YNQAQKJS.md) Open new auth route for spiders / scrapers
- Dark mode?
- [K5NPHQHP](issues/2020-12Dec/metrics-K5NPHQHP.md) API for metrics + instance data + recent logs on ptth_server
- API for remote mtime
- Scraper `tail -f` example
- API for remote inotify (or similar)
- Scraper `rsync -ru` example
- Make TS text browser, in ptth_relay, using ptth_server APIs, and tail -f
- Make TS read-only SQLite browser (this is a long shot)
- [YNQAQKJS](issues/2020-12Dec/auth-route-YNQAQKJS.md) Add database for
scraper keys
- Track / Estimate bandwidth per server?
- EOTPXGR3 Remote `tail -f` (_Complicated_) (Maybe use chunked encoding or something?)
- "Preview as" feature for Markdown (It's not threaded through the relay yet)
- Make a debug client to replicate the issue Firefox is having with turtling
- YMFMSV2R Add Prometheus metrics
- YMFMSV2R / K5NPHQHP Add Prometheus metrics
- Not working great behind reverse proxies
- Impl multi-range / multi-part byte serving
@ -37,7 +46,7 @@ Sometimes I get the turtle icon in Firefox's network debugger. But this happens
even with Caddy running a static file server, so I can't prove that it's on my
side. The VPS is cheap, and the datacenter is far away.
## Embedded asssets
## Embedded assets
The bad_passwords file is huge. Since it's static, it should only be in physical
RAM when the server first launches, and then the kernel will let it be paged