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The PTTH logo, a green box sitting on a black conveyor belt. The box has an arrow pointing left, and the text "PTTH", in white. The conveyor belt has an arrow pointing right, in white.

TODO: "Splitting a server in half" diagram


PTTH is a web server.

A web server has:

  1. A public host
  2. Files to serve

With PTTH, the files can live outside of the public host.

If you want to host 1 TB of files, normally you'd put them on the cloud server:

             HTTP server ----> 1 TB of files
Not cloud        |
             HTTP client

But uploading 1 TB to the cloud is expensive and slow, even if you're sending it to S3-like blob storage.

With PTTH, the files can live outside of the cloud:

                 +-----> ptth_relay <------+
                 |                         |
Not cloud        |                         |
             HTTP client               ptth_server
                                      1 TB of files

The PTTH server lives where the files live. The cloud host runs a relay which streams files from the end server as the client demands.

For home users, this can save you money - The relay server doesn't need to store any of your files.