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Interesting issues will get a unique ID with dd if=/dev/urandom bs=5 count=1 | base32

  • PTTH_QUIC: Report errors on client GUI (At least whether it's P2 or P4)

  • Fix long-running downloads restarting in the middle

  • DMX6CO4G fire-and-forget logs / key-value status data

  • ptth_tail

  • Scraper rsync -ru example

  • 'fax' like system similar to station307

  • (WIP) Dark mode?

  • K5NPHQHP API for metrics + instance data + recent logs on ptth_server

  • API for remote mtime

  • API for remote inotify (or similar)

  • Make TS text browser, in ptth_relay, using ptth_server APIs, and have tail -f behavior

  • Make TS read-only SQLite browser (this is a long shot)

  • YNQAQKJS Add database for scraper keys

  • Track / Estimate bandwidth per server?

  • "Preview as" feature for Markdown (It's not threaded through the relay yet)

  • Make a debug client to replicate the issue Firefox is having with turtling

  • YMFMSV2R / K5NPHQHP Add Prometheus metrics

  • Not working great behind reverse proxies

  • Impl multi-range / multi-part byte serving

  • Deny unused HTTP methods for endpoints

  • ETag cache based on mtime

  • Server-side hash?

  • UPAQ3ZPT Log / audit log?

  • Prevent directory traversal attacks in

  • Error handling

  • TTQG2MM5 Reverse proxy to other local servers

Off-project stuff:

  • Benchmark directory entry sorting

Known issues:

Graceful shutdown

Relay can't shut down gracefully if Firefox is connected to it, e.g. if Firefox kept a connection open while watching a video. I'm pretty sure this is a bug in Hyper, so for now I've worked around it with a forced shutdown timer.

Sometimes I get the turtle icon in Firefox's network debugger. But this happens even with Caddy running a static file server, so I can't prove that it's on my side. The VPS is cheap, and the datacenter is far away.

Embedded assets

The bad_passwords file is huge. Since it's static, it should only be in physical RAM when the server first launches, and then the kernel will let it be paged out.

Rust has some open issues with compiling assets into the exe, so I'm not going to push on this for now, for neither bad_passwords nor the HTML assets:

I also considered compressing the passwords file, but I couldn't even get brotli to give it a decent ratio.

RAM use is kinda high

I tried to reduce the thread count in Tokio, but it's still around 12 or 13 MiB even when the server is doing nothing.

I'll leave in the minimize_ram setting for now, but it doesn't actually reduce RAM use.

Server names can't have spaces

I tried to figure out the percent encoding and it didn't work.

Maybe Base64 would be better or something? At least it's unambiguous and it can go straight from UTF-8 to bytes to ASCII-armored.

Turtle in Firefox's network debugger

The turtle shows up if Firefox has to wait more than 500 ms till first byte. Curl says we can download a small file (950 bytes) end-to-end in about 250 ms.

So I think somewhere between Firefox and Caddy, something is getting confused. Firefox, probably the same as Chromium, doesn't try to buffer entire videos at once, so I think it purposely hangs the download, and then I'm not sure what happens.

I might have to build a client that imitates this behavior, since it's hard to control.

Server can't protect its API key on Windows

This is because I use a dumb hack with Unix permissions to protect the config file on Linux.